Terms and Conditions

This document describes "Terms and Conditions" (T&C) which governs the use of https://mafacapital.com (MAFA,Mafa,Website OR website) and how the pforit made by Mafa shares it with you (Client or client).

We make profits by investing client's capital and share the most of it's profits among our clients. You actively join this program by investing your capital at MAFA.

1. Calendar month

The profit we make is shared at every month and the month end is at 23:59:59 on 25th of each month. All deposits received on 25th of each month will be added to your wallet on the next day, 26th.

1.1 Withdrawal time

Your profit, once you withdraw, is transfered to your Skrill wallet or bank account starting from 26th of each month. This could take 2 to to 5 days depending on the queues we have to process. These days are excluding bank holidays and week ends. Each withdrawal is processed manually.

1.2 Capital validity for profit sharing

MAFA updates the growth rate of your capital each day. However, ONLY the deposits added to your wallet ON OR BEFORE the date Mafa updated the growth rate will be calculated for making profits. For example, say you add $100 on the 10th and on the same day you see a 1% growth. So you will have 1% growth on your first deposit of $100. In the next day, you add another $100 and you see 1.5% growth at the day end. So you will have 1.5% growth on your total capital of $200. Again you add another $100 on 24th of the same month. At the month end you see the total growth MAFA made but this may not be applicable for the total capital you made because you have sent funds to MAFA on different days. For any inquiries, contact us via [email protected].

2. Sharing Percentage

You get 1:400 profit for your collective deposits. Which means, you get $4 for each $1. and once this limit is reached, your deposit expires. If you already have an active list of refarrals, your eligibility to receive commission from referrals becomes invalidated. However, your referral list will not be removed from your account so you can receive their commission by funding your own account.

2.1 Deposit methods

We support Bank transfers and Skrill. Skrill transfers made to [email protected]. When you send transfers, you should mention your referral ID in the message section or should send a mail to [email protected] showing your Skrill transaction id. We add all transfers to your wallet withing couple of minutes but not on the month end date mentioned in section 1.
Eash deposit received is added to your wallet before the next working day.

Please check later
All your funds sent to [email protected] will be added to your wallet within few minutes after verifying the transfer.

Please check later
For any inquiries, contact us via [email protected]

3. Referral program

You can join any number of clients to Mafa by sharing your unique link which is displayed at "Settings" section or by asking your connections to use your id as the referee when creating new accounts. This makes you a "Referee".

4. Profit sharing

Each client gets 50% from the profit we make on his or her own capital. From the share which MAFA receives, another 50% will be shared with the respective referee. For example, say you, as the client, has a deposit of $500 and Mafa makes 8% growth in the respective month. You will have follwing profit on your own capital
$500 * 8% = $40

$40 * 50% = $20 is the profit for your capital

Now assume you have 30 clients and the total referral capital is $5000. On your clients profits, you will get
$5000 * 8% = $400 x 50% = $200 (MAFA receives this share)
$200 * 50% = $100 (We share this amount with you)

At the month end, you receive a total of $120. This is for your capital plus commission for your referrals. For any inquiries, contact us via [email protected]

5. Withdrawal

Profits generated in your account will be transfered to your Skrill wallet within 2 to 5 business days after the month end. For any inquiries, contact us via [email protected]

6. Referral eligibility count

You can bring any number of referrals using your referral id or the referral link which you can find in your dashboard. On the other hand, your eligibility to receive commissions from referrals depend on the amount of your own deposit. Every $5 in your own deposit gives you one eligibility token which means you can receive profits/commissions from one referral.
For example lets say you have $100 deposit
The math is : $100 / $5 = 20
So, 20 referrals from your referral list will be included for profit calculation. If you have more than 20 referrals, they will be excluded from calculation. You can include the remaining referrals anytime by adding required deposits.

7. Applicable risks

Any investment carries it's risk by nature. As with any investment method, the client, you, understands that there is a risk of losing your investments and/or profits you received. In which case, Mafa is not liable for any loss and will not provide any compensation or reimbursement.

8. Amendments to Terms and Conditions

Mafa may review, delete, add or ammend the terms and conditions listed in T&C. The client will be notified 14 days prior to any cange in the T&C in writing to the registered email address. The client should review the new changes. If the client does not agree with the changes, should stop using the website and contact Mafa for any profit withdrawals. The continue usage after the changes take place will then be considered as the client's willful agreement to the new T&C.

9. Live progress update

Mafa updates the live progress of investment accounts. No any manual processing of account data. In rare cases, due to technical malfunctions, there is a possibility for the systems to post an inaccurate value to the website. In such cases, Mafa reserves the right to edit or remove such records from the system.

10. Termination of the service

Mafa has the right to terminate the service or to terminate a selected client at any time by paying any earned profits and non expired deposits. In case the client decides to close his/her account, he or she can request a withdrawal of any earned profits. If applicable, such withdrawals will be processed within 2 to 5 business days.