This section covers the most of what our clients ask. However, you can reach us via account@mafacapital.

1. How to invest

Investing at Mafa is started by funding your account. Your fund is then invested in various means making profits. Applicable deposit methods are listed here

2. How to withdraw

Once we process the month end on 25th on each month, your profits and commissions will be added to your wallet's withdraw page so you can withdraw or reinvest. Your withdrawal requests will be processed withing a few minutes. However, this might take upto 3 business days depending on the amount of requests we receive.

3. What is Mafa

Mafa is an investing program. Anyone can invest with mafa and we utilize funds in various programs to make profits all all profits and commission you receive will then be sent to your bank account. Mafa is NOT a networking program. The network only helps you to make some extra profits.

4. Is this a network program

No. Mafa is NOT a network program or a pyramid scheme.

5. What is the risk

As with any investment method, the client, you, understand there is a risk of loosing your investments and/or profits you make.